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Why Choose Santa Richmond?

If you're seeking something more than a mall visit, and truly want the best and highest-quality Santa you can find, this is the Santa for you!

Santa Richmond far exceeds expectations, and creates magic & memories that will last a lifetime.  Check out what sets this Santa far and apart from any other you'll find in the metro Richmond area. 


Beautiful Quality Look

Santa's wardrobe was made just for him - you won't see a more beautiful outfit anywhere! Every piece was tailored for Santa, so the fit is perfect, and the craftsmanship and details are far above and beyond your average Santa.  Check out the buttons, the buckle, and the embroidery up close! 


The Magic

Santa has a wide variety of magical items he brings from the North Pole that are special and unique, such as the magic fairies, the Christmas spirit bell, Santa's magic teleporter, and his big book that children can seal their name in with a touch of their palm! Truly one-of-a-kind you won't see anywhere else!


Level of Performance

Santa Richmond has a background in theatrical performance, bringing to life this incredible beloved figure in a way that will have even the most questioning children believing in the magic! A trained singer, Santa will lead everyone in a Christmas tune, and creates a sense of wonder you'll never forget. 

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