Many people have been instrumental in bringing Santa Richmond to life.
Special thanks to the following:
Wardrobe Designed/Created by
Jeanne Nugent & Marcia Hailey
Hair Design by
Heather Flemming
Belt/Buckle Design by
Greg Wood, New Creation Leathercraft
Site Photography by
Jay Paul
Santa Partners are a special group of individuals who donated to the "Becoming Santa Claus" Kickstarter campaign in 2017/2018.  Without their generous support, Santa Richmond would not be possible.  We thank them immensely for their kindness and belief in the mission of bringing joy and magic to the metro Richmond area.  They are:
Kikau Alvaro
Stephanie Atkinson
Kevin Barger
Maureen Beck
Linda Beringer
Laura Ashe Brackley
John Bryan
Jeremy Bustin
Rejena Carreras
Jewel Caven
Tony Chiroldes
Kimberly Jones Clark
Emily Cole
Catherine Cooper
Philip Crosby
Sandy Dacus
Eva DeVirgilis & Scott Wichmann
Catherine Dudley
Sean Dunavant
Linda Edwards
Georgia Rogers Farmer
Alan & Cathy Fitch
Marisa Guida
Susan Haubenstock
Chris Hester
Elizabeth Hopper
Laura Horwitz
Anne-Marie Irani
Derrick Jacques
Cal & George Jennison
Dr. John G. & Maureen Hurley Young Kidd
Emily King
Lisa Kotula
Kathy O'Kane Kreutzer
Kathryn Leeman
Ruth McMahon
Carla Blaine Mentry
Darla Mercer
Terri Moore
Ken Moretti
Liz Nance
Lindsay Nantz
Tina Rose Noblitt
Jeanne Nugent
Jacquie O'Connor
Patricia Pineda
Casey Daniel Payne
Lisa Ann Peters
Susie Pike
Donna Pippert
Susan Garnett Rogers
Heidi Rugg
Natalie Schwartz
Suzanne Seiber
Austin Taylor Smith
Marta Sorchik
Jonathan Spivey
Dan Stackhouse
JB Steinberg
Jody Smith Strickler
Jeanie Cooper Thompson
Tom Topinka
Pat Vastano & Dennis Lieberman
Samantha Vonderharr
Katie Moye Wilson
Amy Wight
David Winning
Nikki J. Wragg
Alanna Yeargain
Susan Yoo