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Covid-19 Policies

Wondering how Santa and his team at the North Pole are handling the Covid-19 pandemic? Check out the latest information and stay up to date to help keep your family and Santa in good health!

All policies are based on CDC guidance, and current as of May 2022.  They may be updated through the year.

Santa Richmond strives to ensure a safe, healthy, and magical visit, despite the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented over the last several years.  Basic information for interacting with Santa is as follows:

• Santa has had his vaccination, and is also boosted

• Santa will NOT be wearing a mask during his visits

• It is highly recommended that anyone visiting with Santa be vaccinated if they are able to.  Santa will not turn down anyone who is not vaccinated, but he is operating on a good faith agreement that you are doing everything you can to keep your family healthy, as well as Santa healthy

• If anyone in your family has been sick within 7 - 14 days of visiting with Santa, it is recommended those persons wear a mask when Santa is in your home or place of business.  This includes cold, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, or any other kind of airborne-transmitted disease.

• If your children are visibly sick 3-4 days prior to Santa's visit, it is highly recommended you cancel your visit with Santa.  He will do everything possible to reschedule.  If he cannot reschedule, you will be refunded your 1st half deposit, minus the $25 non-refundable retainer fee. You will get first priority the following calendar year to reschedule on a prime date of your choosing.  

• Please keep hand sanitizer on hand during visits.  Make sure children have had their hands wiped down thoroughly before getting near Santa.

• Until further notice, PHYSICAL CONTACT such as lap-sitting, hugging, hand-holding, etc. will be at Santa's discretion.  Santa will be following developing CDC guidance, and will update policies near the holidays to stay in line with suggested health procedures.  

• If COVID numbers continue to increase and CDC guidelines suggest using masks in close, indoor spaces, Santa would appreciate all parties to follow these guidelines during Santa's time of visit.  Any masks can be removed for photos.  

It is Santa's sincere hope to provide the most wonderful visit possible in these difficult times.  He appreciates you cooperating and understanding that any procedures put in place are for your protection, and to guarantee a worry-free interaction that will bring joy to everyone at your event. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Santa's Covid-19 policies, please email him at

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