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Inclement Weather/Illness/Refunds

Please read the following information carefully to understand Santa's policies regarding inclement weather, illness, and refunds. 

As everyone knows, Santa does his very best to never disappoint any child or family.  Unfortunately, bad weather can often make traveling tricky without the sleigh and reindeer.  One of Santa's favorite places to visit is Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.  Winter weather can always be a gamble in Virginia, and it changes from year to year. 

Starting with Christmas season 2023, Santa Richmond is implementing the following inclement weather/illness/cancellation policy for all clients:

1. Baring any unforeseen illness or inclement weather, Santa will never cancel an appointment. 

2. Should Santa need to cancel an appointment, he will contact you no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled event by email and let you know.

3. Should Santa need to cancel an appointment, he will make every attempt to find a replacement Santa for your event. This is not always possible, but an attempt will be made.  

4. If the local forecast is calling for significant snowfall above an inch, Santa Richmond reserves the right to cancel his visit with you, in order to protect himself, and his vehicle (remember - the sleigh and reindeer only fly on Christmas Eve!). He will communicate ahead of time in order to help make the best decision possible for all parties. 

5. There will be NO REFUNDS given in the event of a cancellation by Santa.  

6. Should Santa need to cancel for any reason, you will receive a FREE custom video message for your child or family, and you will also receive top priority in rescheduling your event for the following holiday season in the next calendar year.  Your visit the following year will be free of charge. Please note: All visits are subject to schedule availability). 

7. Should the client need to cancel the event due to illness/inclement weather concerns/misc. reasons, 50% of your remaining balance will be due to Santa, if not already paid in full. 

Santa works very hard to make Christmas dreams come true, and we appreciate your understanding in these policies as we do our best to keep Santa safe, and you and your family safe during times of unforeseen illness, and unpredictable weather.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please email him at

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