When choosing a Santa for your event, there are many things to take into consideration.  Santa Jason (Santa Richmond) prides himself on being one of the "premier" Santa's in the metro Richmond area.  Here are some things that set him apart from other Santa's you'll find for hire.


Santa Jason's wardrobe was designed and built exclusively for him by Richmond -based costumer Jeanne Nugent.  Made of 100% cashmere wool, faux rabbit fur that feels and looks completely real, and contains many beautiful details that must be seen to be believed.  He comes with multiple looks, including two vest options.  You won't find a better, more realistic looking Santa in Richmond than Santa Jason!


Santa will bring this special item with him to home visits and special events, and will show children of all ages how he is able to send or receive any magical item he might need from the North Pole with just the touch of a button!  This wonderful elf-made gadget will surely delight everyone, and leave folks wondering, "Where did it go??"


Everyone knows Santa has reindeer and elves - but did you also know that Santa has magic fairies? This simple and effective prop is a magical, colorful display that both kids and adults find dazzling! Listen as Santa tells what the different jars of fairies do, and quietly observe them as they sleep in their jars, glowing different colors - shhh - don't wake them up!


Children often ask Santa how he's able to get into their homes if they have no chimney.  That's why Santa carries his magic key on his belt, so that he is always able to enter any home, anywhere in the world with just a twist, and a little bit of magic.  Have your child ask Santa about his key, and look at all the beautiful jewels Santa has on the key that he's picked up from his journeys all over the planet. 


If you're looking for something really special for your visit from Santa, ask about the Nice List Ceremony.  Santa will present each child present with an official certificate with their name and date on it - but not until he has a special phone call with his chief elf from the North Pole, and makes the certificates appear like magic.  Parents love this unique presentation, and children will delight in getting something special from Santa that they'll always remember. 

If you're looking for the most authentic, beautiful, and warm/friendly Santa in the metro Richmond area, you won't find a better one than Santa Jason.  He's ready to make smiles and magic happen!


Wardrobe designed by Jeanne Nugent.  Belt by Greg Wood. 


Santa's Magic Teleporter

Santa's Magic Key


Magic Fairy Box