One of the most magical gifts a parent could give their child during the holiday season is a special visit from Santa Claus...on Christmas Eve!

Santa is a busy man, but keeps his schedule open on Christmas Eve to visit a handful of special families, to surprise the children.

With careful coordination between parents & Santa, we come up with an individualized plan so that your children will "catch Santa" in their living room or den, unloading gifts under the tree.  You wake up the kids from their slumber, and hurry to the top of the stairs to peek over, catching a glimpse - is it really him?  Yes!  It's REALLY HIM!

Then, at the right moment, you and your children quietly scurry down the stairs to watch a bit more, as Santa takes a bite of the cookies & milk, and then at the exact moment, he turns, and catches you watching.  With a twinkle in his eye, a slight chuckle, and a finger up to his lips, he hurries you and the children back upstairs so he can finish his work and make his getaway.  Maybe there's a quick moment for a hug (and a photo!), but then it's off to bed!

A truly amazing moment in a young person's life, and one they won't soon forget - you'll talk about it for years to come.

These Christmas Eve Discovery Visits are expected to book quickly, so make sure you put in your request for one today - Santa only has a limited amount of slots open on Christmas Eve, and he can't wait to visit you and your family!